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Celebrating success

More than 15 years of successful IT projects 

Successful IT projects have no expiration date because our software evolves with your project. Here are some of our success stories.

JJF Conservatory Training & Consulting

Case Study

02/2021 – laufend

Digital Consulting, Website

The Johann-Joseph-Fux Conservatory is one of the most important institutions in terms of music education in Graz. We train and support the staff so they can independently create micro-websites for their numerous events.

Winkelbauer: Digitalization hard as steel

Case Study

10/2020 – 08/2022

Digital Consulting, Digitalization

Winkelbauer developed from the traditional forge into one of the leading manufacturers of work tools and machine components made of steel. Our job was to find the right digital tools for the company.

C&P ImmoApp: Smart overview of all real estate properties

Case Study

Digital Consulting, Digitalization, Mobile App, Web-App

C&P Immobilien AG develops, sells and manages real estate properties for investors in Austria, Germany and Dubai. C&P Immobilien decided to develop the C&P ImmoApp to offer their customers a centrally managed service that is accessible from anywhere and at all times.

The Bühnen Graz websites

Case Study

05/2015 – fortlaufend

Digital Consulting, Website

The Bühnen Graz subsidiaries and service centers are closely linked, but often have different requirements. We help maintain their individual websites and consult on IT and infrastructure to avoid technical chaos among the different institutions.

inno.SAN App: Digital solution for renovation

Case Study

05/2018 – laufend

Digital Consulting, Mobile App, Web-App

Traditional trades, such as craft, are increasingly facing the “challenge of digitalization”. The app inno.SAN for renovation companies is a convenient digital solution for the management of files and folders, photo logs and notes.

ISTmobil: Local public transport on demand

Case Study

2021 – laufend

Digital Consulting, Web-App

For people in rural areas, public transport is often the most important means of transport accessible to all. Our software solution for ISTmobil makes it possible to provide a targeted, efficient transport system – exactly when you need it: on demand.

Soulmate App – Independant mobility

Case Study

05/2018 – fortlaufend

Mobile App

Staying mobile independently for a long time is one of the most important building blocks for a healthy, long and happy life. The SOULMATE app is a companion for everyday life. It was specifically developed for the needs of seniors and people with disabilities so they can safely be mobile for a long time.

Stoelzle Oberglas: Retain knowledge when workers leave

Case Study

10/2020 – 08/2022


Knowledge is lost if it cannot be passed on. In this case, it concerns the knowledge of skilled workers about their machines. We developed part of the so-called STOELZLE INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM, which aims to prevent knowledge from being lost in the future to retain market leader position.

TELBIOMED: Quality assurance via digital processes

Case Study


Digital Consulting, Digitalization

TELBIOMED is a provider of an app to support the therapy of chronically ill people. Digitaliziation enables them to optimize the management of customer data and devices in order to better scale their services in the medium and long term.

The Vienna Airport mobile app

Case Study

11/2010 – fortlaufend

Digital Consulting, Mobile App

With the Vienna Airport mobile app, passengers are conveniently provided with the latest information about their flights via push notification. The VIE app also provides other useful information such as luggage, parking space availability and restaurants.

viehworld: Mobile app for animal trading

Case Study

02/2021 – fortlaufend

Digital Consulting, Mobile App, Web-App

A farmer, a veterinarian, a startup advisor and a vision – all they needed was the right IT service company. Almost 7 months later we launched the first app for buying and selling farm animals: viehworld – also known as Tinder for cattle.

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