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Das Bild zeigt einen Schweißroboter der Firma Winkelbauer, der gerade eine Baggerschaufel bearbeitet.

Marble, Stone and Iron Break

Winkelbauer: Digitalization hard as steel

Winkelbauer developed from the traditional forge into one of the leading manufacturers of work tools and machine components made of steel. Our job was to find the right digital tools for the company.


Winkelbauer already started their digitalization initiative and was looking for centralized CRM software & PIM/CPQ solution. At Fraiss IT we heeded the call and went on a search.

Customer & Sector

Winkelbauer GmbH



Our technical consultants were able to find the best software solutions based on detailed requirements engineering.


Start: 10/2020 

End: 05/2021

Tech stack

The problem

Any business with a longstanding history has accumulated unnecessary legacy issues over the course of time. An in-depth analysis of existing structures and technologies provided the necessary overview to better understand whether and how these structures can be of further use.

Zwei Mitarbeiter und eine Mitarbeiterin der Firma winkelbauer betrachten ein Werkstück
Ein Mitarbeiter der Firma Winkelbauer hält eine Gerätesteuerung in der Hand

The solution

These existing structures informed use cases and an RFI (Request for Information) during the requirements engineering phase. These documents allowed for the evaluation of a large number of potential suppliers, which ultimately resulted in concrecte supplier recommendations.

Zu sehen sind die 3 Generationen der Winkelbauer GmbH
Eine Luftaufnahme der Firma Winkelbauer


After evaluating several strategic and technical criteria, two service providers were considered the best fit for their needs. Winkelbauer has commissioned these service providers and is now independently handling the system implementation.


Consulting: Michael Hsieh

Das Portrait von Michael Winkelbauer

Michael Winkelbauer

Managing Director (Winkelbauer GmbH)

“Fraiss IT presented high-quality solutions for our specific requirements in relation to the new CRM and PIM/CPQ software, which now efficiently support our sales processes. When working together, we appreciate the transparent communication and the reliable completion of tasks.”

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