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Eine Person sitzt im Schneidersitz auf einem Sofa. Der Fokus liegt auf dem Smartphone, dass sie in einer Hand hält

Health is wealth

TELBIOMED: Quality assurance via digital processes

TELBIOMED is a provider of an app to support the therapy of chronically ill people. Digitaliziation enables them to optimize the management of customer data and devices in order to better scale their services in the medium and long term.


TELBIOMED is entrusted with the management of smartphones, which are handed over to healthcare business partners and end users. These devices require periodic maintenance and/or replacement. A complete mapping of these sales and logistics processes was required.

Customer & Sector

TELBIOMED Medizintechnik & IT Service GmbH



Digital Consulting
Jira Configuration


We analyzed the existing software and processes which allowed us to provide recommendations for digitalization.


Start: 01/2020 

Launch: 06/2021

Tech stack

Jira Software (Atlassian)

The problem

In many cases, standard software available on the market cannot represent the work processes established or envisioned by the company. Processes often have to be developed and implemented by the manufacturer at great expense – an effort that requires a lot of time and internal resources. Therefore, TELBIOMED started looking for an alternative solution.

The solution

Intensive discussions led to the use of the issue tracking system Jira (Altlassian) for the administration of user data and devices. Through the joint development of project concepts, automation & workflows, we were able to digitize all necessary administrative work in a structured way.


Successful digitalization comes down to making the right decisions, rather than spending money. In the end, it is important to find the right solution for your company.


Consulting: Mario Fraiß, Stefan Klinger 
PM: Michael Hsieh 
Development: Michael Hsieh, Alexander Reiterer

Das Portrait von Peter Kastner von telbiomed

Peter Kastner

Technology & Operations (TELBIOMED medical technology & IT service)

“With Fraiss IT we have found a competent partner for the planning and implementation of our digital processes with a focus on “sales and logistics processes” in Jira (Atlassian). Thanks to their commitment and the know-how of the Fraiss IT employees, we received excellent advice.”

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