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Digitalization makes life easier

Optimizing and managing digital processes

Companies can automate processes, analyze data in real time and make informed decisions through the use of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The integration of mobile technologies enables employees to access relevant information and complete tasks from anywhere. Our IT consultants help you develop your digital strategy and measures to support the digital transformation of your business.

What is digitalization?

Digitalization refers to the automation and digitization of business workflows and processes using digital technologies. Manual and paper-based activities are replaced by the use of software, electronic tools and data integration solutions. The goal is to increase efficiency, transparency and productivity.

Why integrate digital processes?

Digitalization benefits the entire organization. Automation can reduce repetitive tasks, save time and resources and minimize human error. Real-time data enables better monitoring and analysis of processes, allowing organizations to respond quickly to changes and make informed decisions. Improved communication and collaboration between team members leads to more efficient operations.

Examples of the application of digital processes exist in a variety of industries. In customer service, chatbots and automated email responses can handle customer inquiries and reduce the burden on customer support. In purchasing, digital processes can automate the ordering process and optimize the supply chain. Digital HR tools can simplify the application process and make employee management even more efficient and compliant.

Julia hat einen Kollegen am Gang getroffen und spricht mit ihm über ein Projekt

Change is key


You are already aware of a truely cumbersome workflow? A good start for what may soon be a digital process.


What happens at which point? Which departments or people are involved and how do they influence each other?


Change management requires the right mindset of everyone involved. Get the ball rolling and focus on those people who will end up working with the digitized process.


Look forward to the results. Your new digital process will save you time and hassle.

Ein Detailbild des Innenleben eines Servers. Dieser spielt auch eine wichtige Rolle in der IT-Strategie

Higher efficiency through digitalization

For TELBIOMED, we have increased the scalability of the company in the long term by seamlessly mapping sales and logistics processes. Business partners and end users are provided with smartphones which need to be maintained regularely. Digital processes support the necessary management of those device.


360-degree Digitalization

We will help you to take the right digital path from the start.

Are you ready to say goodbye to analog documents and make processes more measurable?

Every company has untapped potential. Discover your digital business model with us!

We develop your mobile app based on your needs for all devices and operating systems.

Web applications can be used on all operating systems and devices without the need for installation.

You want a website with more complex functionality such as a web shop, booking system and more?


Zu sehen sind miteinander gestikulierende Hände zweier Personen bei einem Digital-Consulting Gespräch
Ein Detailbild des Innenleben eines Servers. Dieser spielt auch eine wichtige Rolle in der IT-Strategie
Es sind die Hände zweier Personen zu sehen. Eine Person schreibt mit einem Tabletstift am Gerät.
Ein Mitarbeiter sitzt vor seinem Arbeitslaptop und steckt gerade ein Smartphone an das Gerät
Alexander sitzt im Office,mit konzentriertem Blick an seinem Projekt. Auf der Suche nach der richtigen IT-Strategie.
Das Foto zeigt die Hände eines Mitarbeiters auf der Tastatur, vor ihm zu sehen sind zwei Bildschirme
Das Portrait von Mario Fraiß von TeamFraiss

You have questions about our services?

Mario Fraiß-Kollmanitsch is looking forward to helping you.

Mario Fraiß-Kollmanitsch
CEO & Sales Digital Projects