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Eine Detailaufnahme heißer Gläser auf der Produktionslinie.

The glass machine

Stoelzle Oberglas: Retain knowledge when workers leave

Knowledge is lost if it cannot be passed on. In this case, it concerns the knowledge of skilled workers about their machines. We developed part of the so-called STOELZLE INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM, which aims to prevent knowledge from being lost in the future to retain market leader position.


Glass production makes use of numerous machines which, in addition to the usual maintenance work, sometimes require “special care”. STOELZLE Oberglas is aware of the value of their employees’ expertise and understands the need for digitization.

Customer & Sector

STOELZLE Oberglas  



Web App


Meaningful data management is based on structured data in order to draw conclusions or predictions from the large number of data sets. The interface from software to user was crucial so that the user can act and ensure continuation of production.


Start: 10/2020 – 08/2022 

Launch: 12/2020

Tech stack


The problem

Unplanned machine downtime can cause enormous costs for manufacturing companies. Long-time skilled workers know the sensitivities of their devices to be operated very well – knowledge that goes far beyond the manual. However, this knowledge is often lost when workers retire, for example.

The solution

The machines in the production lines of STOELZLE Oberglas are equipped with numerous sensors which produce several million data sets per day. The aim was to prepare this enormous amount of data in such a way that the important information is clearly structured and available in real time on the web app programmed for this purpose.


Correct handling of large amounts of data enables STOELZLE Oberglas to optimize maintenance intervals or to predict potential failures. This service is accessible on site and anywhere in the world via remote access.


PM: Michael Hsieh, Martin Zagar 
Development: Martin Zagar

Ein Portrait von Jürgen Troby, dem Verantwortlichen für Lean Management und Continuous Improvement in der Stoelzle Oberglas GmbH

Jürgen Troby

Lean Management & Continuous Improvement (STOELZLE Oberglas)

“We appreciate Fraiss IT’s timely and reliable completion of tasks, as well as the high quality of their solutions. The quick response to questions and the transparent communication make working together extremely pleasant.”

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