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Mobility for everyone

ISTmobil: Local public transport on demand

For people in rural areas, public transport is often the most important means of transport accessible to all. Our software solution for ISTmobil makes it possible to provide a targeted, efficient transport system – exactly when you need it: on demand.


Having public transport travel the same route at regular intervals is worthwhile for densely populated regions such as cities. We were given the task by ISTmobil to help develop their counterpart for rural regions as a software solution.

Customer & Sector

ISTmobil – mobility for everyone

Tourism & Transport


Digital Consulting
Backend Development
Technical coordination


Our part of the software solution controls the connected local transport service from the central administration of the routes to the information system for drivers and the mobile-app that enables passengers to book their trip.


Start: 02/2021 – ongoing

Launch: 12/2021 

Tech stack

EF Core 

The problem

A targeted and efficient transport system is needed so that residents in regions with poorer transport connections can use a public transport network. A project that requires detailed know-how, tact and project coordination between all stakeholders.

The solution

A complex system consisting of various services was developed. The most important services include the administration app, the passenger app, the driver app and dispatching. These applications were connected and expanded with additional components (map, timetable data from public transport, etc.). This made it possible to establish this supplementary (Maa)Service (Mobility as a Service) for efficient use of local public transport.


The software solution makes it easier for everyone involved to manage demand-oriented local public transport. With tools for service providers, drivers and passengers, there is an all-round package for everyone.


Consulting: Mario Fraiß, Manuel Weber
PM: Manuel Weber 
Development: Christian Rieger, Christoph Kralj, Martin Zagar und TeamFraiss

Das Portrait von Susannen Ranegger von ISTmobil

Susanne Ranegger

Head of Technology & Innovation (ISTmobil)

“Implement projects that other providers often only talk about!

Fraiss IT is a congenial and competent software partner on our way to market leadership for demand-oriented local transport solutions! What is particularly remarkable is that together we are able to implement those software solutions that other providers often only talk about!”

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