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App simplifies construction work

inno.SAN App: Digital solution for renovation

Traditional trades, such as craft, are increasingly facing the “challenge of digitalization”. The app inno.SAN for renovation companies is a convenient digital solution for the management of files and folders, photo logs and notes.


Renovation companies have to collect and log large amounts of information on site in a meaningful way. What damage has occurred? Which devices are used for repairs and where? Which rooms are affected? Our task was to digitize these processes.

Customer & Sector

innodea GmbH



Konzeption & UX/UI-Design
Digital Consulting
Mobile App Development
Backend Development
IT & DevOps


The iOS app allows data to be sent from back office to the employee on-site and vice versa. The data is thus centralized, important documents are created digitally from the start and are accessible at all times.


Start: 05/2018 – ongoing

Launch: tba

Tech stack


The problem

Flawless documentation plays an important role, especially for renovation companies. Apart from the hardfacts about the damage, expensive equipment such as dehumidifiers are rented out to customers for longer periods of time, and need to be collected to be returned to the office for futher use. Collecting and distributing the necessary documentation is error-prone and time-consuming. Also, resources could be used more efficiently saving time and money.

Startscreen mit Login der inno.SAN Web-App
Auftragsscreen mit Zeiterfassung in der Inno.SAN Web-App

The solution

Back office sends partially prefilled forms to staff via the web app, staff on site can send back the filled out documentation via the iPad app. The interface allows data exchange in real time. Renovators on site can track equipment, fill out forms, upload photos, write notes, read documents, log working hours, create room plans and much more.

(C) Fraiss IT


inno.SAN makes everyday life easier for renovation companies thanks to its simple operation and numerous functions that have been specially adapted to the needs of the industry. By ensuring proper tracking the loss of expensive equipment construction sites can be avoided. New features and improvements are being implemented in cooperation with test users.


PM: Michael Hsieh, Manuel Weber 
Development: Manuel Weber, Zaim Sarajlic, Martin Zagar

Marcel Jung

Process digitalization (Penguin System)

“With Fraiss IT GmbH we know we have a reliable and competent IT partner at our side. The services are tailored to our needs. Our concerns are always treated with the necessary urgency and communication runs smoothly. Problems and errors are dealt with immediately in order to find and implement a solution as quickly as possible, thus minimizing the corresponding delays in the project.”

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