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Ein Bauer fotografiert direkt in der viehworld-App eine vor im stehende Kuh im Stall

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viehworld: Mobile app for animal trading

A farmer, a veterinarian, a startup advisor and a vision – all they needed was the right IT service company. Almost 7 months later we launched the first app for buying and selling farm animals: viehworld – also known as Tinder for cattle.


The generation change presents traditional domestic businesses with the challenge of digital change. As here in the case of the livestock trade, there was a desire to make trading opportunities faster, easier, more efficient and more sustainable by means of digitalization.

Customer & Sector


Animal trade


The viehworld app makes it easy to buy or sell livestock. Like well-known online auction platforms, as a seller you can set a Buy It Now price in addition to the auction price. Only animals in the vicinity of the buyer are displayed.


Start: 02/2021 – ongoing 

Launch: 09/2021

Tech stack


The problem

Livestock trading is a complex and expensive undertaking, and a lot of time is lost traveling to and from the auction site. The animals are exposed to unnecessary stress and at risk of contracting diseases. In the worst case, animals that have not been auctioned off infect the remaining animals at home when they return to their stables.

The solution

Verified livestock dealers publish photos and descriptions of their animals in the viehworld app. Interested buyers can bid on animals via the auction system or buy them directly via immediate purchase. In order to keep transport routes as short as possible, sales is restricted to a small radius.

Startscreen der viehworld-App
App-Store Darstellung eines Übersichtsscreens in der viehworld-App. Der Screen zeigt alle verfügbaren Tierarten, die in der App erfasst sind.
Detailscreen einer Versteigerung mit Fotos, Daten und Preis eines Schafs


Through the development of viehworld, we create real added value for traders, animals and the environment. We want to develop further features with the goal of becoming an international pioneer in the field of digital animal auctions.


Consulting: Michael Hsieh
PM: Rebekka Aigner-Carmichael
Development: Saidat Talkanova, Markus Weger 

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