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Viele Menschen warten beim Kofferband am Flughafen auf ihr Gepäck

Pleasant flight!

The Vienna Airport mobile app

With the Vienna Airport mobile app, passengers are conveniently provided with the latest information about their flights via push notification. The VIE app also provides other useful information such as luggage, parking space availability and restaurants.


Looking back at 2010: Smartphones were already common reality, but suitable applications still had to be developed. A small team at the time, we were still able to convince Vienna Airport of our expertise and won the contract for this project.

Customer & Sector

Vienna International Airport

Tourism & Transport


Digital Consulting
Mobile App Development
Backend Development
Windows App Development


Almost 2 years later, after numerous coordination meetings and hours of design and development, we were able to launch the VIE app in July 2012. We have been maintaining this long-term partnership to this day and without delay.


Start: 11/2010 – ongoing 

Launch: 07/2012

Tech stack


The problem

2010: With 24.5 million passengers, Vienna International Airport is the largest and most important airport in Austria. While other international airports already offer mobile solutions for better on-site orientation or for easy management of flights and flight data, Vienna Airport has to catch up.

App-Screen eines bereits erfassten Fluges mit Details zu Datum, Abflugzeit und mehr
App-Screen der zur Verfügung stehenden öffentlich Verkehrsmittel inkl. Filterfunktion nach Orten und Linien.

The solution

The VIE app was developed natively for Android and iOS. The app connects to the flight data interfaces of Vienna Airport, allowing users to receive push notifications in real time. These notifications inform about arrivals, departures, delays and provide additional information such as a travel check list, parking space availability and more.


The VIE app helps hundreds of passengers every day to find their way around the airport and to get up-to-date information about their flights.


Consulting: Michael Hsieh, Stefan Klinger
PM: Michael Hsieh
Development: Helmut Hasler, Zaim Sarajlic, Gregor Wakonig & Team Fraiss 

Ein Portrait von Andreas Ladich - Leider Werbung & Marketing des Vienna International Airport

Andreas Ladich

Head of Advertising & Marketing (Vienna International Airport)

“The many years of good, uncomplicated and professional cooperation, despite the distance, confirms again and again that we have the right partner for our app.”

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