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Ein Foto des Stückes Carmen von © Marie Laure Briane

From guest appearance to residency

The Bühnen Graz websites

The Bühnen Graz subsidiaries and service centers are closely linked, but often have different requirements. We help maintain their individual websites and consult on IT and infrastructure to avoid technical chaos among the different institutions.


Originally, Oper Graz was looking to partner with savvy developers – not just in the area of ​​web development, but an all-round partner who could respond to their complex requirements promptly and professionally.

Customer & Sector

Bühnen Graz

Art and culture


Digital Consulting
IT Consulting


Among other things, we developed the Oper Graz website, which is very userfriendly thanks to clear structures and meets all the rules regarding accessibility. The website backend offers editors the greatest possible flexibility to manage content themselves.


Start: 05/2015 – ongoing 

Tech stack


The problem

The request from Oper Graz created the basis for what has now been a long-term collaboration – and not just between us and Oper Graz, but with all Graz theaters (Oper Graz, Schauspielhaus Graz, Next Liberty, Grazer Spielstätten und art + event | Theaterservice Graz). All Graz theaters face complex technical challenges on a daily basis. We support in strategic as well as operational matters regarding their IT needs.

Die Startseite von Art&Event Theaterservice
Die Startseite von Next Liberty Graz

The solution

In joint workshops , we worked out the requirements that are suitable for the individual houses and their needs. Thanks to our technical advice, we were able to lay solid building blocks for implementation and start development. To this day, we are not only available as a project partner, but also as IT support , wherever it is necessary and helpful.

Screenshot der mobilen Website der Oper Graz
Screenshot der mobile Website der Grazer Spielstaetten
Screenshot des Terminkalenders des Schauspielhaus Graz


The individual websites of the various houses of the Graz Theater inform the public about the performances or the program of the season and much more. Fraiss IT supports both the editorial staff and the IT of the Graz Theater in their daily work.


Consulting: Michael Hsieh, Silvius Lehner
PM: Silvius Lehner 
Development: Silvius Lehner, Milica Lucic & Team Fraiss IT

Ein Portrait von Jürgen Baumhackl, IT Management der Bühnen Graz

Jürgen Baumhackl

IT Management (Graz stage)

“In addition to the highest quality in execution and documentation, the transparent and trusting communication in projects is a great strength of Fraiss IT. As a project manager, you are always well informed about the current status of things, which saves you a lot of effort and nasty surprises.”

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