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Das Bild zeigt eine ältere Dame, die in ihr Smartphone lächelt. Im Vordergrund sind Grafiken zu sehen, die die Soulmate-App darstellen

Guides your beloved

Soulmate App – Independant mobility

Staying mobile independently for a long time is one of the most important building blocks for a healthy, long and happy life. The SOULMATE app is a companion for everyday life. It was specifically developed for the needs of seniors and people with disabilities so they can safely be mobile for a long time.


An aging society presents us as developers with new tasks. The central question of this research project evolves around how the app needs to be designed so that it meets the user requirements of the target group.

Customer & Sector

EU AAL (Active Assisted Living) project



Mobile App Development 
Technical Lead
Android App


Our app offers functionalities to safely and easily move from A to B. This includes, for example, a simple route display including warnings if you deviate from the planned route. In emergencies, relatives can be notified quickly and easily.


Start: 05/2018 – fortlaufend  

Launch: –

Tech stack


The problem

With increasing age, sudden insecurities may appear on daily and well-known routes. Feeling unsure about where one actually intended to go may even result in panic. In these situations, making an emergency call (e.g. Red Cross) seems like the only option, when in fact relatives could provide better support.

The solution

The SOULMATE app not only accompanies you on everyday routes, but can also be used for interactive training purposes. Other functions include the display of nearby public toilets or means of transport. An SOS button allows you to call for help if need be. Contacts to call for help can be relatives or, for example, a mobile nursing service.


The core task of app development was to provide users with the feeling of security in everyday life. In order to achieve this goal, we were allowed to accompany users while testing the app on the road. A valuable experience, with the help of which we were able to create a solution that was not only awarded the IÖB Innovation Prize but also the VCÖ Mobility Prize (in the Design-for-All category).


PM: Michael Hsieh, Manuel Weber
Development: Denise Matschnig, Jasmin Gruber, Helmut Hasler & TeamFraiss 

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