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IT strategy, planning & implementation of custom software

Ein Mitarbeiter der strategischen IT-Beratung Fraiss IT geht durchs Büro und telefoniert.

We are Fraiss

Team Fraiss makes history for 10+ years


360-degree Digitalization

We will help you to take the right digital path from the start.

Are you ready to say goodbye to analog documents and make processes more measurable?

Every company has untapped potential. Discover your digital business model with us!

We develop your mobile app based on your needs for all devices and operating systems.

Web applications can be used on all operating systems and devices without the need for.

You want a website with more complex functionality such as a web shop, booking system and more?


Zu sehen sind miteinander gestikulierende Hände zweier Personen bei einem Digital-Consulting Gespräch
Ein Detailbild des Innenleben eines Servers. Dieser spielt auch eine wichtige Rolle in der IT-Strategie
Es sind die Hände zweier Personen zu sehen. Eine Person schreibt mit einem Tabletstift am Gerät.
Ein Mitarbeiter sitzt vor seinem Arbeitslaptop und steckt gerade ein Smartphone an das Gerät
Alexander sitzt im Office,mit konzentriertem Blick an seinem Projekt. Auf der Suche nach der richtigen IT-Strategie.
Das Foto zeigt die Hände eines Mitarbeiters auf der Tastatur, vor ihm zu sehen sind zwei Bildschirme


Success Stories

Das Bild zeigt einen Schweißroboter der Firma Winkelbauer, der gerade eine Baggerschaufel bearbeitet.

Winkelbauer: Digitalization hard as steel

Ein Foto der Brauquartier 1/3 in Graz-Puntigam

C&P ImmoApp: Smart overview of all real estate properties

Eine Hand liegt auf den Tasten eines Klaviers

JJF Conservatory Training & Consulting

More success stories

Become FIT!

“The world is a circle that possesses as many centres as it does men”

R. Scott Bakker, The Darkness that Comes Before

Successful software projects start with the right IT consulting

What does IT strategy mean?

In the context of IT strategy, we as IT experts identify opportunities to use IT (information technology) and software in a strategic and profitable way. We focus on the optimization of existing processes and the implementation of new ones which results in cost and time savings along a corporations value chain. IT strategy ensures that processes are digitized in a strategic manner to achieve considerable savings in ongoing operations, increase productivity and more. As a result, the success of a business can be sustained in the long run.

Expectations of IT strategy

In most cases, IT strategy is based directly under senior management – and not without reason.

IT strategy must ensure that…

  • corporate goals are pursued,
  • business processes are designed more efficiently,
  • workflows are as efficient as possible due to IT infrastructure, software, processes etc.,
  • reporting tools are advising management decisions,
  • and much more.

IT strategy as a success factor

The success of companies depends to a large extent on how they can adapt to technological developments. Digitizing processes can help ease the transition to new ways of working. For example, by optimizing existing processes, resources are freed up to train employees or try out new business ideas.

With Fraiss IT at your side, you benefit from our years of know-how, our proven expertise, and our extensive network.

How does the planning and implementation of custom software work?

The planning and implementation of custom software requires know-how and experienced IT experts. To ensure successful implementation, we first aim to understand our customer’s needs to find out which components best fit your company’s custom software project.

Goals of custom software

Often the functional range of standard software is not sufficient for the specific needs of your company. That is why we are experts in the development of custom software and aim for the following goals:

  • maximum possible adaptation to your needs
  • creation of competitive advantages
  • adaptation of existing hardware
  • agile development
  • long-term investment
  • high potential for added value